Video Game

The video game Hunting Grounds Of The Great Spirit is first and foremost a solo exploration-adventure game (but not only that) currently in production, playable in the first person view in vast natural and dreamlike environments, in “open worlds”. Many main quests and secondary quests will have to be completed, they will require a sense of observation and deduction. There will also be traditional Native American hunting (with bow, spear, etc.), craft, and… A certain survival layer, this punctually.

The player is a special agent of B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is close to be the only federal agency in the United States with the authority to investigate in American Indian reservations), fresh from his training, who is investigating with his partner in a Native American reservation on mysterious disappearances and deaths of Native Americans Chiefs. Shortly after starting his investigation, he falls into a coma… And “wakes up” in a strange and dreamlike environment, in nature. He will soon learn that he is in a spiritual world peculiar to Natives in North American, the Hunting Grounds of the Great Spirit, where the rules of the “real” world do not always apply…

The player will have to accomplish a spiritual journey throughout the game. The main and ultimate goal is to reach the end of this journey, which will not be easy. Once this is done, the player can choose between different possible ends. There will also be secondary and optional goals, one of them (the hardest to reach) will unlock another end to the game, probably the “best”.

In order to continue his spiritual journey, the player will have to hunt specific preys in order to make offerings to totem animals, which will allow him to continue his journey. There will also be collectibles more or less difficult to find, which may possibly have a relationship with the real world, which will allow the character to have flashbacks about the investigation he was leading before falling in a coma, and thus understand how he got there. This will also allow him to remember the clues and evidences he has accumulated in the real world that have allowed him to unmask the perpetrator(s) of the mysterious disappearances and deaths… So there will be, from time to time, like a red thread, a relationship between the real world and the spiritual world.

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